This started as a facebook post but then it became somewhat of a blog post so I wanted to share it here as well. 

My Bill Murray Portrait that looked over while the Cubs Won. 

My Bill Murray Portrait that looked over while the Cubs Won. 

So the Cubs finally won the World Series last night. To a lot of you, you may have only watched last night's crazy final game and that's okay. Some of you might not even like baseball, I get that, because yes, sometimes it is boring. But for me, it was more than just a team winning the World Series after so many years. It has a family connection that I'm proud to share. 

My long time crush who I absolutely adore is Bill Murray. I even have a portrait of him on my fireplace mantel (see). Bill Murray is every Cubs fan. He's your father, brother, uncle, every family member that grew up loving the Cubs since they were kids. I started being a Cubs fan in 1993 when my Mother met my Stepdad, who grew up outside of Chicago. His father was a long time Cubs fan who passed it on to all of his children and grandchildren. He didn't know it, but I am one of those. My Stepdad took us to Wrigley Field where we sat on the first base line watching Sammy Sosa. It was a moment I'll always remember, along with my Mother missing a home run by Sosa because she was at the concession stand. We all laughed. 


This is for one of my favorite people, Bill Murray. This is for every other Cubs fan who has a similar story like mine or even greater. It was a historical moment in history that, with this team, might happen again. 

Thanks to my Stepdad, Ron, for introducing me to the Cubs life and this win is for one long time fan, his father, who I called Papa Ray, who is celebrating with his wife, Bea and all the missed out fans who were not alive to see it happen. Go Cubs!


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