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hello again....

Christy TurnipseedComment

So, yeah, hello again. I call myself a blogger but I haven't officially written anything on this space since the beginning of 2017. Well, we can all say that this has been a somewhat hard year for everyone. I've been social among my twitter and facebook, however, I have shied away from this right here. My own personal space. Probably like yourself, you have had moments where some days seem pointless, the news weighs heavy and it's hard to even get up and try to be the best and live your best life. I have been involved with voicing my opinion, just on other means. But why, I ask myself. Why have I ignored this personal space of my own for so long, where I can be vocal? To be honest, I've been scared. But I can not be scared anymore. I am here and this has been a hard year for me since 2012, but you have to start somewhere to pick up and keep going. 

So that's what I'm doing. I have had things happen this year that have opened my eyes about the world and people that I surround myself with, both good and bad. I've had health issues that I'm still trying to figure out like Benedict Cumberbatch, but those stories will come too. 

But I'm here, and I promise that even to myself, if I'm just typing this and no one reads it, it's fine. But I'm back (and as I have wasted money on this space) it's time to damn well use it. Some stories I will write about my experiences that have happened this year, some I will write about pop culture and movies and music because that's also who I am and I want to share my loves with all of you. 

So yeah, hello again. I'm still here. I hope you'll still follow me. 

I’m a girl that likes the pork, eggs, homemade soups..vintage books and children’s books, artists who love what they do, writers/bloggers who inspire me, and good food and music with fabulous people to share it with.