Why I'll finally #bloglikecrazy
What my desk currently looks like, Mac, coffee, Lil'Seeds making. 

What my desk currently looks like, Mac, coffee, Lil'Seeds making. 

Since being reconnected with the fabulous ladies of See Jane Write, I have been inspired to keep up more with my blog and to push myself to keep writing. Every November, while the men are not shaving, some of us participate in #bloglikecrazy for the entire month. I have had some hardships over the summer and also, currently, however, I think this will give me an extra "push" that I might need to get over this hump in life. 

One of the reasons I decided to do this, honestly, every year in the month of October, I do my own and sometimes with friends, 31 horror movies for the month. I try to keep them new to me and expand my horror genre watching that I love so much (Yes, I'm weird). So, if I can watch a two hour movie every day (sometimes 2 movies a day) then I can do this. (Also here's a link to what I watched last month). 

The beginning of November is very busy for me as an artist getting ready for the Moss Rock Festival (which I'll probably blog about later) so now I'm in my studio most of the day making new pieces to display this weekend. There is also another issue that will distract me from blogging every day that I will overcome. About a week ago, I was at a comedy show and when I went outside to their patio, there was a slope and I did not see it and rolled my left foot, confirming the next day, that I had fractured it in two places. So I'm now a hobbling artist this month with a two pound boot that I have to wear for at least six weeks. THAT was not comedy that night. Ironically, two years before, I did the same thing on the OTHER foot on stairs then thought it was a good idea to drive to Atlanta and dance in the pit for Lady Gaga, there I had a chipped bone and was in a boot. Totally worth it though, but this was not. 


I was also inspired by another fellow Jane, Clair McLafferty and her first #bloglikecrazy post. It was honest and also, I sympathized because I knew that feeling and wanted to change that. So thanks, Clair! Check out her post as well as we are a group of women who write, empower each other and support each other and that is why I re-joined (I was there in the beginning!) See Jane Write and why I will #bloglikecrazy. 

*Note: This is a combo of Day 1 and 2 :) 



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