When I first started blogging back in 2010, I honestly just wanted a space to share food recipes that I loved making and my life stories, the good ones and also the bad ones.

Some were very personal through the years, but here I am six years later, after taking a hiatus, within those years trying to find myself still. But I'm back because even though things in life sometimes don't always happen like you think they will, it's still always a good idea to write through them, share them, because you never know if someone out there is going through the same thing. 

I also wanted to "revamp" my blog and make it something I was proud to share. There are tons of blogs and websites out there and I had some anxiety on how I was to re-approach this and looked to hire people, but it honestly came down to making the time and doing it myself. So this is what I have made (still tweaking) but I'm back and I'm still learning. 

I hope to share my crazy life stories with you all again as we journey through this life. Sharing what I've learned, now at age 32, single, living with three crazy dogs and making the best life in doing what I love creatively and sharing those moments with you as well. 

Thank you to all those who have followed my journey from the beginning and I'm looking forward to continuing the ride with you. So get ready.

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I’m a girl that likes the pork, eggs, homemade soups..vintage books and children’s books, artists who love what they do, writers/bloggers who inspire me, and good food and music with fabulous people to share it with.